Roblox Development is our primary focus currently, with an extensive catalog of projects, and many more on the way.

Our Mission

Roblox Development is what we do, it is the prime focus of our development group. With a team of highly skilled developers who have an extensive portfolio spanning across multiple different types of games, from Action to RPG, we are capable of delivering a final product that players will love.

Game Advertising is something many people don’t give a second thought about. At Gigabyte Games, we spend a lot of time consulting with our specialists in this area, and figure out a strategy to get the experiences we develop to the front page.

Roblox’s Impact

With experiences like ‘Adopt Me’, ‘Jailbreak’, etc… it is undeniable the massive impact Roblox has had on both the Game Development industry, as well as the business and advertising practices of massive companies.

Since launching in 2006, Roblox has grown to a massive userbase, having approx 200,000,000 monthly active users. Roblox, although still being in its infancy as a marketing tool, opens up a massive new base of users to market towards. With the right tactics, large companies are able to partner with some of the biggest games on the platform.

Between 2017 to 2021, Roblox’s revenue grew from 42 Million USD to 1.9 Billion, which just on its own shows the potential in the platform.

How does Roblox translate into Brand Marketing?

Through Roblox themselves, many new doors have been opened for developers to advertise in their games, either through Roblox’s own advertising portal which developers can integrate into their games, or through the developers directly.

You may be wondering, “Where does the money in Roblox come from?”.

In-game products, such as decals, performance perks, etc… are bought with an in-game currency known as ‘Robux’. When a user purchases a product, the developer receives a cut of this, which can then be passed through Roblox’s ‘Dev-Ex’, which allows a user to convert their Robux into real money.

Marketing with a focus on monetary gain can also be achieved through implementing passive advertisement exposure, such as in-game codes that can be found on regular products in the real world, such as food, drinks, toys, etc… This encourages the want to buy more of only one product.

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