Bowling Tycoon

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Our newest project, currently in it’s beta stage of development. We began working on Bowling Tycoon at the beginning of 2023.

About the Game

Welcome to Bowling Tycoon an immersive tycoon game where you take on the role of an entrepreneur building up your very own bowling empire! With every new expansion you make your bowling empire draws in more and more customers until you’re the go to bowling location for families, bowling enthusiasts, and friends looking for a good time! You can visit other player’s tycoon’s or have them visit yours on your journey to top the leaderboards and be the best bowling tycoon there is!

The aforementioned expansions and upgrades include but are not limited to adding the bowling lanes, basic amenities, an arcade area, a bumper car section, and finally a Cafe for guests to sit back and relax after a long day of Bowling! Making these expansions and upgrades enhances your profits that will help you with other projects! In the future rebirthing within the game will also unlock access to two more Tycoons in addition to the current Bowling Tycoon!

Think you have what it takes to become the best bowling tycoon there is and take the first place on the leaderboard? Then strap on those bowling shoes, step onto the lanes, and get ready to manage your very own bowling tycoon chain and take on whatever challenges are ahead of you!


Veos (Founder) was the programmer, and lead for the project. Being the only programmer, Veos worked on all functionality for the game, whilst also working on managing the development schedule, and making decisions along the way. Eric (Lead Developer) co-lead the project, meaning helping Veos in making desicions and planning out the game’s core loop. He also helped to do a lot of the game’s building alongside Loofy (Lead Developer). McSloth (Co-Founder) worked on all of the graphics for the game, including the game’s GUIs (Graphical User Interface), thumbnails, icons, logo, and any other graphical elements to the game.

All of the developers have worked continuously hard to ensure that all elements in the game are of the highest quality that they can possibly be. The developers started to work on the game in-between Christmas and New-Year 2022.

The developers are hoping that Bowling Tycoon is hopefully going to be the bridge between their slightly smaller game (Present Delivery Simulator), and our next big project.