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About Gigabyte Games

Our mission
Develop games that offer our community the most pleasurable, and entertaining play experience we can offer.
Focusing heavily on playability, cross-platform support, and progressive storylines – we pride ourselves in developing games that present a unique and enjoyable experience for as many demographics as possible. 

Behind Gigabyte Games

The current Gigabyte Games team has a collective total of 20+ years of development experience on the Roblox Platform.

Gigabyte Games was Founded by Veos, and McSloth. The reasoning behind it’s creation was similar to that of any Development Studio – we are ambitious and dedicated people, who saw extensive potential in our ability to work as a team. After working on our first main project, we discussed creating a dedicated development studio, refining and increasing our skillset while creating additional games, and working on additional projects alongside other developers. Thus creating “Gigabyte Games”. 




Active Projects




Active Developers

Our Team

Gigabyte Games has a large team of dedicated, experienced, and talented individuals for everything from Roblox Development, to Community Management.



Founder // Programmer

Hello! My name is Veos and I am 17 years old. I am in the GMT / BST timezone, and live in England.

I have been programming for just over 6 years, when I started learning Python around September 2016, and have been programming ever since! I began teaching myself Lua around September 2019, and when COVID came about I used the lockdown to my advantage to develop these new skills. Ever since then, I have been developing my skills every day; always thriving to learn more and improving the way that I work.

McSloth and I founded Gigabyte Games when we created our first ever Roblox game Present Delivery Simulator. In terms of game development, I am currently the only scripter on the team, meaning all games we have released so far have been programmed by myself alone (although we are looking to hire someone in addition). As well as scipting, I manage our development schedule and work closely with our other developers to come up with new and exciting ideas for games and updates.

You can contact me directly at



Co-Founder // Graphic Designer

Howdy! I’m Sloth. I’m a 19-year-old Content Creator that lives on the west coast of Canada. I have been working on my online career for the best part of a decade, always pushing myself to learn more.

I have been on the Roblox platform for as long as I can remember, and Roblox Development is something I have always been interested in. While my primary career is YouTube and I have managed to position myself in a well-established place, I have still been working to make Development into another avenue that I can adventure.

I am the Co-Founder of Gigabyte Games, alongside Veos. Though, in relation to development specifically – I focus primarily on Graphic Design. I make the majority if not all of the UI’s, logos, and other graphic-related assets for Gigabyte Games and its Experiences.


Lead Developer / Importer

Within Gigabyte Games, I am an importer and builder, who has been developing on the Roblox Platform since 2018.


Lead Developer/ Builder

At Gibibyte Games, my primary responsibility is to construct things. I have more than three years of experience in Roblox development. Building requires skill and attention to detail, but it’s not as difficult as rocket science.


Web Developer

Hey! I’m Jack, I’m a tech enthusiast from the North East of England currently in College studying Software Dev. I’ve been playing Roblox since 2013 (the good ‘ol’ days), and still play it to this day occasionally.

A main project I’m currently working on is a Linux Distribution named “Xenia Linux”, which I am a Co-Founder of, aside from that, I enjoy Music Production as well, which I’ve been doing since late 2019, however my main passtimes are developing new Software, researching into obscure data transfer standards, and just scrolling mindlessly on socials.

My main role in Gigabyte Games is being a their Web Designer/Developer, and maintaining their website to contain the most up to date content and ensure minimal downtime, and I hope to maintain this role for the foreseeable future


Community Director

Hello there! I’m SteelBait, a healthcare worker from the Northeastern United States who is deeply committed to patient care. With a decent amount of experience in the healthcare industry, I have dedicated my life to helping others and positively impacting the world. I’m proud of the work I do in healthcare, and I truly enjoy what I do, approaching every day with enthusiasm, empathy, and a commitment to excellence. In addition to my work in healthcare, I am also the community director for the ROBLOX group here, where I strive to foster a positive and welcoming environment for all members. Whether I’m leading a healthcare team, wearing my scrubs and a stethoscope, or managing a community of gamers, I bring the same dedication, compassion, and professionalism to everything I do. With a heart of gold and a passion for healing, I hope I truly inspire those willing to work hard for success. These qualities I obtained in my professional life, I make every effort to incorporate reflect in my work here.


Senior Moderator

I’m an australian teenger whos been heavily passionate and involved with moderation, over the past four years. Whether its on Discord or Roblox. I always strive to be the highest standard- helping my team ensure they do the same.


Social Media Manager / Senior Moderator

Hey there, my name is Addie!
I’m from the deep south, and I work on my family farm. Outside of farming I’m on the path for an economics major, and I plan on going down some sort of cooperate law pathway. I enjoy doing car photography, vfd work, and I also produce music. I’ve been playing roblox since 2016, and have worked for many games, I also am currently learning how to script & make ELS systems. My main role is to manage the social media, but if you need any help at all do not hesitate to reach out c:



As a car enthusiast and experienced online moderator from the Netherlands, I have a passion for both cars and creating safe and inclusive online communities. My philosophy prioritizes fairness and impartiality while enforcing rules, and I am always willing to assist those in need.



I sometimes play roblox and hop on discord to hang out with friends in my free time. I’m also a car enthusiast and enjoy researching vehicles of all types. I will be entering university this year and my role in this server is to plan/host events.

Turbo / Lincoln


Hello, My name is Lincoln. I’m from down under (New Zealand), I enjoy building cars in real life and Roblox, tinkering in the garage, and racing. I’ve been playing Roblox since 2016, I’ve worked for a few groups in my time. I handle customer service so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!


Blog Manager

Hey there! My name is Ikigai pronounced “E-Key-guy” or Shisei pronounced “She-say”, I am the website blog manager for this group and my job is to work with our wonderful social media representative Addie to keep you guys updated on everything!