About Gigabyte Games

Gigabyte Games was founded by Veos and McSloth in 2021, seeing the extensive potential in working as a team.

After their first project, they discussed creating a development studio to refine and increase their skillset whilst working amongst other developers.



Gigabyte Games currently has over 1000+ assets, ready to be used at a moments notice, we also create bespoke assets for a projects purpose.

Active Developers

We currently have five active developers at Gigabyte Games, one of which being our Co-Founder, Veos, all of which hold extensive experience in Games Development.

Current Projects

We currently have six projects which we have worked on and are upcoming, our biggest projects can be found on our Landing Page along with more information.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Our skilled team of developers have experience ranging from 5 to 10 years in a variety of programming languages, with their main focus being Lua for Roblox Development.

They have extensive portfolios with large amounts of previous experience on a range of project sizes.

Veos (Thomas)







3D Modeller


Environment Design

Jack Eilles

Web Developer

Software Developer

Veos (Thomas)

Hello! My name is Veos and I am 17 years old. I am in the GMT / BST timezone, and live in England.

I have been programming for just over 6 years, when I started learning Python around September 2016, and have been programming ever since! I began teaching myself Lua around September 2019, and when COVID came about I used the lockdown to my advantage to develop these new skills. Ever since then, I have been developing my skills every day; always thriving to learn more and improving the way that I work.

McSloth and I founded Gigabyte Games when we created our first ever Roblox game Present Delivery Simulator. In terms of game development, I am currently the only scripter on the team, meaning all games we have released so far have been programmed by myself alone (although we are looking to hire someone in addition). As well as scipting, I manage our development schedule and work closely with our other developers to come up with new and exciting ideas for games and updates.

You can contact me directly at contact@gigabyte.games.


Howdy! I’m Sloth. I’m a 19-year-old Content Creator that lives on the west coast of Canada. I have been working on my online career for the best part of a decade, always pushing myself to learn more.

I have been on the Roblox platform for as long as I can remember, and Roblox Development is something I have always been interested in. While my primary career is YouTube and I have managed to position myself in a well-established place, I have still been working to make Development into another avenue that I can adventure.

I am the Co-Founder of Gigabyte Games, alongside Veos. Though, in relation to development specifically – I focus primarily on Graphic Design. I make the majority if not all of the UI’s, logos, and other graphic-related assets for Gigabyte Games and its Experiences.